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How To Escape Italy, Run To Ireland, and Then To The UK

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Resuming a dead blog, previous description below - I don't want to delete or change a thing. I love memories, and my memory is shite,
Living in London with a husband and 2 cats, working in publishing, trying to make money so I can spend it in trips abroad and useless material stuff.
Never have enough money. Ever.

I'm an Erasmus student in Galway. This should be my last year in college but I suppose I wont't be able to do much here!^_-
I love singin...I'm MurderBurg LeadVocalist and we've already recorded a demo! If you wanna listen to our music follow a link in this blog...
I don't really love Italy...But I do adore Scandinavia, especially places like Helsinki and Oslo.
I'm narcissist, really. I'm the best, deal with it;P

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