Back Again

Some things have changed since my last post.
I'M OLD. I'm mature and somewhat less the wiser.
I moved to London and got married to my Irish boy. I have 2 cats and I own a flat (well, the bank does).
I have less drama, but also a non-existent social life - I guess the 2 are correlated.
I don't want to let go of memories, selected ones at least, but I get bored by the here and now.
Am I alone in this?

It's frustrating because I wish I could enjoy my life to the fullest but I'm not capable of it.
I guess it's just who I am, and it won't change until the day I die, and on my death-bed I'll be all "Can I die already? This is booooring".
So going through my various old blogs, I decided I should write more about what happens in my present, right now. Or I won't have any relevant memory of it when it'll matter.

SO, what's new?
Starting a job with one of the world-top-3 publishing houses on Monday. In sales, academic and digital. What the holy fuck was I thinking?
Sales? Me? I have no clue what I'm doing, but for what I know, I always wanted to work for an important publishing house/company. I think.
Let's see how this goes. I have NO idea.

I'm also singing with a new metal band. Another of my old sides of me coming out. I just love singing, but I never seem to find a band that will suit me perfectly. There's always something.
The reality is, I'm probably rubbish at it, so I don't deserve better. I just do it for the ride.

So there you go, the past 5 years summed up nicely.
There's a lot of shit in-between, and nobody cares. Today we start something old.
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In the last episodes...

So I'm back to Italy, once again; a month has passed already since I left Ireland in August. :( I must say I miss Galway, which will always remain in my heart, but I could no longer take the constant pissing rain, at least once a day. I needed some sun and warm weather, well in this case HOT, the hottest ever!

At the moment I'm living with my dad, for whom I also work as secretary. I have lots of things to do actually, like planning events, designing brochures and stuff...
I'm enjoying learning how his job works, also because he's maintaining what my grandfather had created at least 3 decades ago, and it brought it to a new level. I hope someday to become as good as he is, but not as stressed up. Especially in this period of economic crisis, it looks amazingly worrying how some people are not able to pay back to our commercial agency and it seems like there's nothing much we can do about it. People and factories have lots of debits nowadays, and they aren't able to pay them back.
Well, I'm going to work here for at least 6 months, and then see what I'm gonna do with my degree and master. Me and Niall have to decide where to move together and start a new life, I can't wait :) Sounds so grown up :P However we still don't have a clue about where to go, so we'll see, time will tell.

In other -bad- news, I was involved in a small car accident 2 days ago, few hundred meters far from my dad's house. I was going to work around half 2 and a car crushed into my back-left side of the car. It will be almost 2000 euro in damages because we need to replace the back-left door. How annoying. But most of all it was the fact that I was really shocked. It was my first -and hopefully last- car accident for me in 8 years of driving experience. Kind of traumatizing. However, yesterday I managed to drive again, and even if I was very scared everytime I had to pass a crossroad, I  came home alive.

Another rather annoying thing it was that the other driver was a fecking young guy from southern Europe, who thankfully had an insurance (the situation of immigrants here is annoying, most of them are here illegally and have accidents on purpose to get the insurance money in black). What was really a pain in the arse were his parents.His mother dressed up in what seemed a burka or smth similar was basically verbally assaulting ME in her weird language, and then in bad italian, saying that it was all my fault, that i was a liar and a smart ass. Now, I was really panicking and shaking from the accident, AND insulted by this dickhead! I guess that if she was in her country she wouldn't even have the right to open her mouth, but now that she's here she expect to throw shit on other people. I was very very very upset and mad. Thanks god my dad was nearby and helped me out with the insurance papers and now I'm waiting for their response next week.
I know it wasn't entirely my fault because I came out of a side street -that I use at least 3 times a day- which is poorly planned. There are cars parked on both sides which don't allow the driver coming from my direction to see properly when entering the main street which has 2 carriages going in opposite directions. He was coming from the left side -a long straight road with 30km/hr limit- and while I had stopped to check and didn't see him coming, he hit me while I was already in the middle of the road crossing his carriage to enter the second one. Now if I didn't see him coming was for the location of the street which is poorly cleared for the driver's view, but on the other hand, since he hit me on the back side, it means that:
  1. He was going too fast and didn't manage to stop in time. If he was doing the 30km/hr he would have easily stopped and not hit my car so hard to make it spinning around as it did (it was also going against a post lamp but thnx god i managed to use the break and avoid it for a few cm).
  2. He wasn't paying attention to the road, because I was coming out at first very slowly and if I couldn't see him, he could have  since my car isn't that small and he was coming from a  straight road.
So we'll see how it goes, really hope I'll win the thing and get my damages paid. And if I don't, well I'm gonna get a lawyer.

Changing topic, yesterday nite I went to another dark-goth-ebm party. It was pretty good and had fun but didn't dance as much as I wanted to. I was waiting for the 80s melodic stuff, but the mainly played ebm. meh, going to another 1 or 2 this months and many many others in the next few ones. Seems like the scene is expanding rapidly, which is great! So many events every week :) Missed that a lot while in Galway. Although it seems like there are really a lot of youg ppl...hmmm oh well.

Niall is coming on the 16th and he's gonna stay until the 21st, I'm so happy :D
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It's been a while...

...but I'm still alive. Lately I haven't felt like blogging at all, and I also found out that Facebook along with Myspace and Bebo are kinda useless after all...especially if your connection sucks like mine. meh.
So let's update this thingy thing, shall we?
Got the results back from my 1st semester, over all I did pretty well for being the only foreigner in the MA class. Got two A (Law -ahahahah can't believe it- and in the Business plan project - in your face!-) and two B+ in American Literature and Publishing.
This semester is supposed to be quite deadly. I'm studying Marketing - which I'm loving -, Book History and Book preparation, with a lot of proof reading and copy-editing. And guess what? Got the highest mark of the class in the copy-editing thing..and English is not even my first language. Kiss my lovely Italian ass. gh. Well I'm rpetty awful when I'm tired and I write a looot of bullshits.
This month I'm going to work basically every day coz I have to cover my workmate's shift since she's going on holiday. I'm pretty happy coz I'll get to earn some money - at the moment I'm very very broke - but at the same time I'm worried I'm gonna get too stressed up...and I'm already quite sick.
I'm going to Dublin on Wed and on Sat 21st for a convention of editors et similia..I hate, though, having to go and come back in the same day! heeee.
Oh I've also already figured out the topic of my final thesis. History stuff. So far so good I'd say, I won't need to go interview ppl around the country, yay!
I'm also going to NY at the end of June for a wedding, truly can't wait! :D

I love my baby, we've been living together for almost a year now, and it's going PERFECTLY, in fact, we never fight...incredible! happy me!
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Just to stay in Theme, let's just copy the maybe-first-lady look!
I'm talking about Michelle LaVaughn Obama, who surprised the audience with her fine fashion taste. She rocks the floreal look as well..nice! I think she must have a passion for flowers, which she wears as accessories...have a look!

And what about the Obama dress? Hilarious! Here you go,the dresses seen in Paris during the Fashion week, by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and Sonia Rykiel.


I'm old!

My bday passed sooo fast! I'm 23 now and I've changed sooo much, awful :( I guess i'm wiser? meh.
Anyway, I've been  pretty busy lately...master, work, love life, anti.diet and so on! :P I really need to go back to the gym and seriously start a diet or smth..living together with Niall is great, but at the same time we both gained weight! argh!
Saturday I had my bday party at our flat! It was great!! And those LifeLine pills actually worked, no hungover whatsoever the next day! :D
nice nice nice!
I really like my Master mates! Really funny indeed!
My pics were used for an exhibiotion in my hometwon..which is more or less as big as Galway..so far so good :D
Going to record a program for the college radio Flirt.fm! Can't wait!






The exhibition!

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Irish Life

So, I spent the last 4 weeks in Italy, with my family..well great part of it, coz my mum escaped to Greece without saying a word. How I love my family sometimes. I had a wonderful week end-girls only in Albarella, the private island near Venice, with my 3 best friends and had loooot of fun! We were basically just drinking, sleeping and sunbathing, with great success! I managed to relax more during those 3 days than during the month I spent with various relatives!
Now I'm back in Galway, ready to start my academic life, again. I really hope this Master I've chosen won't be as much difficult as I picture it to be. I'm really scared and I hope I'll be able to manage it, hopefully with nice grades (something that has been essential to me until now). Today I also managed to get my old job at the Cafe in shop street back, so now I'll have some hours (it's a part-time job for obvious reasons) to work and to earn some lovely money, which I need for my planned travels around the globe.
  1. New years eve holidays in Stockholm and Helsinki <3 Where I've already been few times and where I long to go back every year :D
  2. Ester holidays in Iceland, just the capital, before all the ice there melts because of the global warming
  3. June in NY, because of a wedding
  4. August: depends on my thesis and on the master...
I really love travelling around and I get bored easily in the countries where I live for 1-2 years. I'm a gipsy, like my great great granmother, just more blonde! :D
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My 4 years old turtle has just flown down the 4th floor to the concrete slope of the garage..about 12 metres. Borgir, aka "Ugo", had become kinda big, and looked like a little dinosaur. He felt oppressed by the 4 glass walls of his aquatic cage and wanted to break free, that's why few days ago we bought him a plastic swimming pool. One of those for kids. He wanted to break free from there as well though, he didn't want to be constricted by walls or anything else. So almost one hour ago he just broke free and fell in the darkness. He was still alive after hitting the ground, but stains of blood were visible on his nose and mouth. We don't know if he's still alive or in a sort of coma, I guess we'll find out tomorrow morning..my mum is crying so much. I wish I could cry but I can't, but I'm truly sorry for my poor friend Ugo. We were planning to spend at least other 30 years together.
Good luck my friend!


I shouldn't think too much about my situation..things (and shit) happen and I can't help it. So, the only way to win this overwhelming sensation of sadness and "dunno what to do", the only way is to live the fullest out of every single day. That's it. Yesterday, after work, I registered to a nice gym near my new house, I'm gonna join it as much as I can and get back to my physical normality (this whole new situation made me gain some weight...). Then I've decided that if Niall has his stuff to do during the week, I need to have mine as well, so not to spend my time in front of a damn laptop or the tv. Therefore, tomorrow nite I'm going to an international dinner, with french, chinese, jappo and german people. On thursday nite, then, I'm going out with my usual italian costumers (at the cafè).
That's aaaaaall good!


...this stage of ly life is totally weird. I really don't know what I'm doing, why..I really don't know where I'm going and what I'm goingo to do.
My life would look kinda normal and happy from the outside, but I feel damn confused. I don't think that coming to live with Niall was the greatest idea ever. Maybe I'm too young for this, maybe I'm just not ready for this kind of commitment. I'm leaving everything too fast and sharing a life, at this stage, ain't that funny. I'm getting so bored and exhausted because of the stupid job. I really wanna be happy, do something great with my life...that's why I'm hoping to move to Boston next May, just for a couple of months, by myself, for a Writing for Mass communication course at the Boston University.
I really hope I'll be able to manage that and the end of the master and all the expenses..money is never enough :(
I don't want to be a journalist, I'm not able to write...but maybe an editor..meh, too much "The Hills" lately!
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